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Environmental Initiatives

In response to growing concerns about the impact of climate change and the loss of biodiversity, a group of villagers have launched three initiatives to help our village in tackling these critically important issues.


A meeting for villagers was held on 9th March to share and discuss ideas on how we can all be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.  Minutes will be published here soon.

In the meantime, for more information on what has already been done and is being planned under each initiative then please click the images below:

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What we are trying achieve?

By engaging villagers in these initiatives we want to show that taking even small steps to respond to climate change and biodiversity loss we can make a positive difference to Nether Winchendon and the surrounding area.  


It is hoped that the impact of these initiatives will deliver health and well-being benefits for the community as well as more energy efficient homes. 


We also want our actions in Nether Winchendon to add pressure to our local council and national government to set goals and implement further carbon-cutting measures. 

Latest Updates

  • If you encounter a bee swarm there is swarm collection service available from our local beekeepers association. More info is on our Pollinators and Wildflowers page.

  • We are writing to our new MP and the new Buckinghamshire Unitary Authority to urge them to declare a climate emergency.


  • A lift-sharing WhatsApp group has been established to help villagers reduce the number of villager car journeys to and from Haddenham & Thame Parkway rail station.  A WhatsApp group has also been created for journeys to the stores in surrounding towns. 


  • We are exploring ideas for hosting an event for the village focused on knowledge and information sharing. Our plan will include bringing experts to come and speak to the village including people from the Bumblebee Trust, Waddesdon Estates and other villages who have made strides in reducing their carbon footprint.  Our goal is also to engage the adults and children in the village to help us take action.

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